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We're Hiring!

We are excited to announce that we are looking to expand our team and are offering hired to fill additional crew member positions. If interested, please see below for more details!

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Available Positions: Full-Time Landscape & Mowing Crew Member
Position Overview:

Landscape installation and renovation, upkeep of established landscape, lawn maintenance, etc. for commercial and residential properties. Requires physical abilities such as strength, manual dexterity, and individuals must be able to [perform all required functions of this position. While performing the duties of this job, individual must be able to stand, walk, bend, lift, crouch, stoop, kneel, etc. Individuals in this position will be expected to perform tasks in challenging environmental conditions including extreme heat and extreme cold. Additionally, working conditions my include inadequate lighting, wet, and or dirty worksites.

Position Requirement

Strong attention to detail
Efficient time-management

Position Requirements

Strong attention to detail
Efficient time-management
Ability to move quickly on your feet for up to 8 hours a day
Ability to lift and move 50lbs or more on a daily basis.

Proficient use/willingness to learn how to use equipment such as lawn mowers, line trimmers, tractors, and various attachments.

Must be legally able to work in Maryland
Understanding of mowing/trimming techniques.
Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

Ability to follow written and oral direction.

Must have reliable transport to and from work.
While we try to avoid it, this position may occasionally require Saturday hours due to the seasonal and weather dependent nature of our work


Perks for Full-Time Employees

Sick pay

Vacation time

Provided transport while on clock

Opportunity for advancement

Opportunity for pay increases

Discounted services

Part-Time and Limited-Part-Time Seasonal Positions available as well.

If interested, please click below and complete the employment form below.  We will gladly get back to you!

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