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Property Maintenance

Pittingers Property Maintenance is a full service company that offers light grading and excavation, light tree trimming and tree removal, general property clean ups according to season, fence repair and installation, gutter cleaning and aeration and over seeding. We give top quality to every job we complete whether it is residential or commercial. P.P.M. is a full service company and we are insured to complete all jobs big or small.

Tree Trimming

Pittingers Property Maintenance is not a certified arborist company but we do specialize in light tree trimming. We can climb tree and take small limbs, maintain small trees and even large trees. We maintain trees to ensure that they remain healthy and that the trees on the property are safe.

Tree Removal

Pittingers Property Maintenance will remove small trees for landscaping and safety purposes. We will clean up downed trees, remove stumps and even fall small trees that are a hazard on properties.

Light Grading/Excavating

Pittingers Property Maintenance has the experience and the equipment to take on small grading and excavation projects. We are ready and willing to take on you project big or small.

Property Clean-up/Fence work

Pittingers Property Maintenance also has plenty of experience in both large and small property clean ups. We can clear out unwanted shrubs, plants, yard debris, etc. We can also install fences for both privacy and safety. We will take your property and transform it to be the best it can be!    

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