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Pittingers Property Maintenance is a full service company that offers most all landscaping services as well as our other great services. Our landscaping services include mulching, pruning, plant installation, flowerbed creation, landscape design, and light stone work. We give top quality to every job we complete whether it is residential or commercial. P.P.M. is a full service company.


We mulch flower beds to an average depth of 3". We edge, weed, install pre-emergent weed control and mulch. Our typical installs use natural mulch or a variety of different dyed products including but not limited to: black dyed, brown dyed and red dyed mulch. All products come from local supply companies in the county and are the highest quality to result in the most professional job.


Pruning is recommended bi-annually to insure that your plants stay within their healthy growth boundaries. With P.P.M. you will never have to worry about an overgrown bush, wild looking ornamental grass or an out of place tree limb. We prune everything from annual flowers and bushes to trees and ornamental plants. with P.P.M. you can be sure that your landscape will look its very best.

Flowerbed Creation/Plant Installation

Our team is very experienced in designing and installing new flower beds that will bring you ideas to life and enhance your property's curb appeal. We can remove overgrown plants and installing plants or bushes that will work best with the your current landscaping so that everything ties together to create a beautiful masterpiece.


We are excited to announce that we have recently expanded our services to include stone-work. Out team has experience installing small patios and sidewalks. If you want beautiful flowerbeds without the intense maintenance of mulch, stone flowerbeds may be perfect for your property. Stone edging can also be a clean and easy way to frame your beautiful flowerbeds. We can help you chose a stone product that will complement your home and current landscape in order to guarantee that you love the way it looks.

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